Sound of the Future. (short poem)

like a bird which soars higher
a sound transcending from known notes of melody to unknown,
a sound obviating differences of our mind,
a sound carrying the harmony of oneness,
a sound uplifting us from known world into a state of freedom,
a sound louder than our egos,
a sound of the future
that moulds our culture
I long for it…


When the sun goes down (a poem)

When the sun goes down
and light fades away,
When my dreams wake
to live a better day
When the darkness dissolves
in breaths I take,
When I become a nomad
in the land of my own delusions
When I turn sad,
and breed despair
I see a fading light
at the horizon
whispering a tale
waiting to be told
I know
the flowers will bloom again
and nomad will find its home

Breaking down. (a poem)

come, hold my hands
let us drift away to marooned lands,
come, hold my soul
come with me for a stroll…

have you ever thought what you are,
have you ever been to places far
within yourself, have you ever?
have you ever cried when trampled down
have you been made a mere clown
who has lost smile, have you ever?
have you ever lend your heart
to a stranger and got lost,
have you ever?
have you ever cooked the meal of defeat,
have you ever purged your ego,
have you ever?

life is replete with missing bricks,
have you ever found one to build your own?
follow me into the shattered domes,
hold my hand, come home…

Pure. (a poem)

caressing my face
with gentle strokes,
filling me
with serenity,
my eyes close
in awe
of the openness and vastness
the nature displays,
the winds, carrying
the calm of waters,
elevating me from worldly realms
into moments of solitude,
the clouds
in erratic patterns
wanting to shower a story from above
and I, a mere receptacle
of all that is good
and pure…

Marooned island. (a poem)

walking past the dead slaves
rotting in the gleaming sun
miles of water, no boats to row
a withered soul, for life, craves,
imprints of feet upon the mud
like dents in memory past,
searching home in jungles vast
arrives at door with a thud,
old memories like spider-webs
deter him from moving on
abandoned home on a marooned island
where dead slaves lay, dusk and dawn…

Fear. (a poem)

into the corridors
of your senses, unguarded,
robbing you
of your intellect,
on your ignorance,
creeping beneath your skin
ripping off,
no hundred fears
but one
victimize humans,
the fear of unknown,
be the river
of your will,
let it flow
and wash away
your fears…

Pride. (a poem)

the sweat on my brow
no precious than yours,
I flow on this route
you take a different course,
the supreme thing
to merge into
the well of humanity
from varied windows and doors,
no matter what you are
always water your roots,
be the catapult of your character
that aims high and shoots,
take pride in who you are,
no man is lesser,
the sweat on your brow
will tell your tales
for all the days
to come…