Johnny Kay on his way…

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What does Johnny Kay say.


P.S. – The character of Johnny Kay is purely fictional. Please do provide your feedback/views in the comments section 🙂 .


What does Johnny Kay say. (Part 1)

See the big picture, my friend. Everyday living is painful anyways.

Johnny Kay has always been the same. Johnny Kay. J-O-H-N-N-Y Kay. The grey shade in the life of his close ones. 70 year old soul trapped in a 20 year old body. That is Johnny Kay. Living for the love of music. And books. He could read Dante and Shakespeare at the same time and with same devoutness. 5 feet 5 inches tall Johnny Kay, falling 5 inches short of his parents expectations. Curly hairs. Always seen with those square-framed pitch black spectacles put on. The world would love him or hate him, but it could not deny his existence. Johnny Kay, or as his close ones called him, Yokay, a portmanteau of Yogi and Kay; Yogi because Johnny had started his walk on the path of enlightenment very early, though he could not go far since his parents wanted him to finish his graduation first.

‘Why are you always like this? Go out, meet people, make friends!’

‘How many friends did you make today, pal? Five? Ten? I tell you, books are the only friends that won’t betray. Be wary of people.’

‘Oh! I see. I see. Johnny Kay is afraid of betrayal. I thought, you weren’t afraid of anything in this goddamn world!’ , chuckles his friend.

‘Well, even robots are being trained nowadays to learn emotions, feel fear. I am definitely afraid of certain things. Like dog. Like darkness. But not betrayal; as Murphy’s Law says – If something can go wrong, it will, and it will in the worst possible way.’

‘Okay. And what does Murphy’s Law say about the distinctive eerie smell that has filled your room?’, said he while covering his noes with him palm.

Johnny Kay has lived the same way. His room smells as if he has housed a corpse in the net room for eagles to feast on. Except that it is not the corpse but a pile of unwashed clothes from the week before, and the week before, and the week before; like the clothes have been there since the universe came into existence.

‘I can see that you aren’t accustomed to the smell. Feel free to criticize. It’s a democracy anyways.’

‘Can’t you get this pile of shit cleaned?’

‘Just because you can do something does not mean you should. Like I can break your head with this tennis bat right now, but I won’t.’

‘And why would you not do that?’

‘Because your brain is like this pile of clothes. Full of shit. And I won’t want that my room starts smelling worse.’

‘You think that you have answer to everything, isn’t it?!’

‘Nope. You come up with so many questions. And none makes sense to me.’

‘Okay. So you discuss sensible stuff eh! So tell me. Why is there so much poverty in our country?’

‘Did you measure poverty?’

‘Nope. But people say so. And everybody is seeing it.’

‘And what are they doing about it?’

‘What can people do about it?’

‘Exactly my question to the people.’, smiles Johnny.


P.S. – The character of Johnny Kay is purely fictional. Please feel free to share your views in the comments section 🙂 . Nothing is of greater helpful for a writer than honest criticism 🙂 .

The Magic Within

‘Life is like a withered leaf, that decays and reunites with the nature with renewed energy.

Life is big. Or rather, it should be. You know, it saddens me. The people. Now don’t you think I am averse to the mankind. I am a faction of it. And this fact saddens me more,’ said the old chap with gloom on his face.

It became his home. Or rather his second home. Everyday, he came here and spent hours doing nothing except staring in the dark. But it didn’t seem pointless. The big playground was offering him something. Or maybe it was the sole place offering him nothing, and he was happy for it. Only the twitching of his forehead might know the truth.

‘You know Peggy, the flowers you see there have a magic in them. They can make themselves disappear. But I wonder why they never reappear. Maybe they know only half the trick…haha! And they do it extremely well you see.’

The season of rainfall had started embracing the city. It began pouring all day. Like the raindrops were narrating a never-ending ballad.

‘Listen to the sound, Peggy. Just listen. The peace it carries. Do you find the voice of any human-like creature this melodious?? Well…I don’t. I didn’t find it yesterday. I didn’t find it today. I won’t find it tomorrow. People have lost that voice, or rather that tongue altogether! Or maybe the nature is speaking with that tongue through the mouth of these raindrops. Ohh nature is marvelous I told you..haha,’ happiness came on his face for a jiffy, and then returned to the cave of unknown.

‘People think I am mad, Peggy. That I blabber all the time. I have heard these. These talks. Life is beautiful only as long as the mankind knows its limits and doesn’t cross it. Mankind is plummeting from the lofty mountain of strayed advancement. I can very clearly see that. These people cannot. And they call me mad because I tell them reality, and I am not mad,’ he said raising his voice almost to the level of shout, his eyes wetting.

‘But no. I have learnt to be at peace. The playground has taught me the power of silence. Saying without speaking. Offering without expecting.’

The cold winds rushed through his cheeks.

p.s. – The simplest of things tend to baffle the human minds.

Cessation – The End

Her eyes were too small to gather the happiness she felt. He was right there.

‘Oh my…’, she ran to embrace him. But soon her senses came to life and she saw 5 strange creatures right behind him. They are not manly, she thought. Her body twitched. Fear started gripping her again. ‘Oh gosh…spirits!!’

‘Oh Zelda, my love! Don’t be afraid. Friends they are. I am alive…’, said he while embracing his beloved. Tears fell from her eyes onto his hands. The Bayon Beach was welcoming the embrace of love.

‘Behold! The dark horses’

The hollow reverberating voice startled all at once. Each one now eyed at the 5 unknowns. The 5 spirits.

‘We are the spirits of the past. The beacons of future we are. No less prime is our purpose of visiting our Mother.’

She felt consoled by his close presence, yet was unable to comprehend the voice.

‘Hearken to us. Rise from the dead. Else you will perish. The diggers of your own graves.’

‘Where are you from? Why did you choose my husband?’, asked she but felt it was better if she hadn’t.

‘The origin of us holds mere importance against our message. Our message to you. To the whole mankind!’

‘And what do you have to say?’, shouted Dave from behind, his temper loosening.

‘I say not what you’ll feel comforting, because times have gone. Time has changed. Man has changed.’

Cold winds started to blow. Everyone but the spirits started feeling a chill down his spine.

‘Through the ages have we traveled. From far back into the past, to the unknown voids of the future. None to the extent as us knows what man has done to his civilization. To his people. To the Mother Nature. And your husband, dear lady, is too one of them. You too are. You all are. And who are we but a speck on the canvas of nature. We hold no authority to punish anyone. Mother Nature has her ways for it.’

All were cautiously listening to the spirit, as if losing a single word of his might a have catastrophic effect.

‘We are no enemies. We are from amongst you. A part of the heritage of mankind. At times have we seen the zenith of civilizations bowing down to the greed of mankind. The selfishness. The greed of power. Of wealth. It consumes the very soul of man. And I can do no more than warn you. That the end is near. The man needs to wake now from the sleep of ill-will and rise above the chasm of downfall. Man needs to understand that its not me but we that matters. That there is a place for Love amidst the humdrum of life. That life is glorified by the accumulation of smiles and not wealth. Mother Nature has seen enough. She must suffer no more.’

Silence fell everywhere. It felt like man became conscious of the direction in which he is heading.

‘Give our message to all. And take this talisman to every place where you go’, said the spirit while handing over a pendant to Zelda. ‘The presence of talisman around people will connect their consciousness to ours.’ Zelda tightly held the pendant and moved back to her husband.

‘As of now, we shall leave. Our message to you must act as a beacon of change. Of positive change. I lay the rest in your hands. And I know that man has preserved hope for ages. That man will. Let that hope never die. Let it fruit into a prospering civilization.’

With this the whole of sky glimmered in the blinding white light. Everyone fell back thinking of a prospective explosion. But in a second it was all gone. The spirits had gone.

‘Are you fine dear?’, asked Zelda after regaining herself.

‘Yes I am. Because I must tell you it was the best day of my life. I have a lot to share. Let’s get home.’

‘And the pendant? The message?’, she asked curiously.

‘Ahh! The pendant too. Let’s go home first. I’m tired!’

They went along as she embraced him. His eyes had a twinkle of the stars as if holding a deeper secret. As if he held the key to forestall the cessation of human civilization.

Cessation – III

Everwhere befell dead silence. They walked inside.

‘I’m Dave from the INTELLIGENTSIA Corps, ma’am. There’s something mysterious going on at the Bayon Beach, and I’m afraid your husband might be in grave peril’, he told with stern look, while entering the corridor, to her.

Terror engulfed her. ‘How is he? Is he…is he…alive?’, she burst into tears.

‘I can see you’re very much consumed with worry, ma’am. Your husband seems alright. He called us half an hour ago to send a message to you. He wants you to meet her. He says its…its for the whole mankind.’

‘What do you mean?…the whole mankind?’, replies she with a relaxed yet perplexed look.

‘He hasn’t apprised us on the whole affair either. He says its someone from…from the sky. He stammered I mean…’

‘What do you mean from the sky!!’

‘I don’t know either ma’am. Its an enigma as of now. It sounded like he was gasping for breath. He sounded strange. No one ever sounded so strange.’

‘Just tell me what he told!’, she started losing her temper.

‘He told me its about…its about all the goodness in this world. I know it’ll sound weird to you. But these were his words. Please bear with me ma’am…’

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about. This can’t be my husband! Go on…’

‘He told me people are destroying it. Destroying something. Something which is priceless and can’t be regained. I don’t know. I got so confused that…’

‘Just keep saying…’

‘He told about a chance. A chance for something. A last chance. He said we’re being watched over. That they’re here!’, his pupils dilated.

‘Who are here?’

‘Who have the privilege of bestowing us with a chance, he said. I don’t know. It went over my head. He wants you. Its all I know. Its the need of the hour. You’ve to come with me to the Bayon Beach.’

The Bayon Beach was submerged in its own mystery.

If only one cared…If only one listened…

Cessation – II

She was perturbed to the core. Every inch of hers was trembling with fear.

‘He never behaved so strangely before, not even when his book was nearly lost few days back. Is he…with his friends! I should call them. Maybe I should wait. But for how long. What if he’s gone for eternity!! No, I should call someone.’

Hurriedly she picked up the receiver. ‘Hello! Police? Its an emergency. Please help!’, said she, gasping for an ounce of breath.

‘Arkhmen raark…shrov shrov’

She jumped back, the receiver falling off her hands. ‘Oh gosh! What’s that sound!!’, she thought, sweat dripping off her neck. The hollow sound brought a chill inside her. She had never listened to it before. Ever.

Gathering her courage, she started moving closer to the phone and picked the receiver off the floor. ‘Who’s…who’s this?’, said she in a timid voice. A silence fell on the other side. ‘Maybe it was…a misconception…just…a disturbance in signals. Ohh I’m too worried!!’. Just when she was about to put down the receiver, that hollow sound started coming again.

‘Arkhmen raark…shrov shrov. Arkhmen raark…shrov shrov’

It chilled her to the bones. The sound was agonizing. It felt like carrying the pain of thousand lives. She felt connected to it…to the pain it conveyed. She started feeling not terrified but sad, sad for someone distant. Someone from the past. Or the future maybe.

The sound continued for another 5 minutes. To her, it felt like a lifetime’s burden to bear. She put down the receiver, went to the couch and started crying. Crying for reasons she didn’t knew.

‘My husband is in danger’, said she while standing up, ‘He needs me. Something is not good.’

Just when she was about to leave in her jeep, a loud thud came on the door.

‘Who’s there??’, she asked in a loud voice.

‘We have a news for you, ma’am. And I’m afraid you’ll fall off your feet after hearing it. Please open the door.’

Cessation – I

Night it was…pitch black everywhere.

He was into it for the last 10 hours. Something was wrong. Something was strange, he thought. The sky was never so green before.

Its had been his most dearly pass time activity, to sit by the seaside, holding a book in hand and admiring the richness of nature. He came routinely to the Bayon Beach to escape from the pedestrian life. Books were his best friends. Through them, he would enter the skin of another person and live a life different from his; a life that doesn’t exist.

But he was perturbed that day, particularly that night. Something was stopping him from returning to home at dusk. The weather was never so unpredictable before. The winds felt like carrying omens. He was not scared but worried. His books had made him stronger. He felt something important would take place; his life would change.

‘Yes honey, I’m fine…it’s just this…..something unusual….yes yes, keep my food. You don’t worry dear. I’ll be back. Love you!’

He hung up the phone. Looking at the sky became his priority that day. It felt like a giant portal was there above, not visible but there, waiting to be opened. This reminded him of one stance from the book he read last week, a sci-fi thriller. He could feel the pages of that book are before him, on the canvas of nature and enacted by the almighty. That night he kept his book aside. The turn of events before his eyes were sufficient to keep him preoccupied.

Then suddenly, it happened. In a flash of seconds, all unraveled. The curtains of mystery fell from the sky, bringing forth the naked truth of this universe.

‘Oh gosshhh! …oh my… could it…’

The green of the sky was burnished with bright white, blinding white. He submerged into dizziness. The ambiance was too much for him to cope with. He knew of his closeness to a grim reality standing by his foot. The sands of beach embraced him as he fell. He looked above. Familiarity was gone. The white light started receding. He was just gathering his conscience when in a jiffy his heart broke with terror and he made a harsh cry.

There they were…


…to be continued…

Through the Growing Years…

‘Who is she?’

He sees left and right, to that distance his eyes permit. He is searching for something…for someone maybe. I ain’t sure. The distant horizon is hinting at his lofty dreams, or perhaps undermining his caliber to achieve it. I ain’t sure, neither is he. He is yet to know, to discover. His gaze returns at her.

The little girl leans and kisses his mother on the cheek.

‘Thank you mama, its such a lovely doll…’, says the girl. ‘Aye, no way…not as lovely as my dear daughter.’, replies the mother lifting her daughter in  her arms. ‘You cannot imagine, my dear, how special you are to me, and equally special is this day when you came in my life and brought with you a reason for me to live’, the mother starts sobbing and walks away.

He has started to learn. In fact, its only 5 years and 1 minute since he has started his journey of life. He is unable to understand what just happened before him. ‘Who was that lady? Who is this girl? Why they did what they did? Why no one comes to me and does this?’, he might be thinking all this amidst the din of the city sitting near the huge iron gates left open.

‘Usha taai, just see there…that kid’, shouts the incharge pointing at the kid, ‘its so irresponsible on your part to leave a small kid by the roadside. You know the traffic and yet you repeat such silly mistakes. You never know when a mishap can occur.’

Usha taai replies in a timid tone, ‘Pardon, sir. I will see to it that this doesn’t repeat…’ ‘It better not…and see the gates. Left open again. Bring the kid back and shut the gates at once.’, replies the in-charge in stern voice.

Usha taai walks duty-bound, lifts the kid off the ground in her arms and locks down the gates of the orphanage.