Getting inspired wrongly.

I have never wished to become ‘something’ in my life.

By ‘something’ here, I mean a doctor, an engineer, a scientist, an actor, a singer, et cetera et cetera. And the reason lies in the word itself…’something’. When a person ties his life for becoming this ‘something’ just for the sake of becoming that thing, he/she reduces to ‘some thing’. Some thing that devalues itself, devalues the infinite potential of the human spirit.

When I was a kid, I got inspired to become an engineer. Why? I didn’t knew. Maybe because my father is an engineer. Maybe because I lived for 18 years in the colony of engineers. Maybe because I was academically fair. Maybe because all academically fair students were opting for the engineering as their career path. Maybe because I thought that this is the only successful career path.  But was this inspiring enough for a kid or deceptive? Did these reasons account for all the factors that would keep me inspired through my youthful years as well? As it turned out, a man is a kid only as long as his thoughtfulness is on vacation.

Inspiration is not a superficial thing. It requires a deeper connection with inner self. A true inspiration never dies. It is like the incessant fire within that keeps one’s spirit ever high. We should always seek a true source of inspiration. Inspiration has no shape. Anything from the infinitesimal to the infinite can inspire. What I want to state here is the subtle connection of inspiration with one’s career. Choose a path not just because it will earn you more because then you may in the future fall in an abyss of unhappiness. Do the work you love to do. That’s the key to true inspiration for me. The passion to do something. The need to raise passion for a greater purpose, for a greater good. Just because one is good at something doesn’t mean he/she has to do it his/her whole life. Discovering what you love may not be the only thing worth searching, but discovering it will make your life worthwhile. It will lead to inner satisfaction.

Life is not a straight line journey. They will come many turns. There will be downs. And in these moments only the inner inspirational fire will get you racing!

Be lively. Be inspired 🙂


That annoying thing for a reader!

Two minutes silence for all the characters who have ever died in books.

Only a reader can feel the loss of a fictional character. It is as if a part of himself/herself has died with the character. Books offer its readers new places to dwell…or to dwell forever. It is, for him/her, the only permanent home because he/she knows that books shall forever be with him no matter what. And he can anytime recline in the comforting pages of the book.

And so imagine the nightmare when one discovers his favorite book missing! Like this, several things can annoy any reader…

 1. When you discover that your bookmark is missing from the book in your hand and you find your world turned upside down.

2. When you receive a call from your friend informing that he has lost your book, and you have to say, ‘Ohh…it’s not a problem’ when inside you feel like killing him.

3. When you are just about to start reading a great book, and at the same time someone asks you for borrowing that same book, and you are in a dilemma whether to reply with a blunt NO or give in with a heavy heart.

4. When you are going through a serious moment in a book, and your parents call on you for doing some household chore.

5. When a much awaited book is out and you are unable to buy it immediately because of lack of funds.

6. When you want to discuss about a book you have just finished with someone and you discover that everyone else is ignorant of the nail-biting journey you have been through.

And the worst of all…When you turn the last page of an immensely great book which you never had wished to get finished. 😦

20 years in a row…

‘Oh yes! Finally waking up in the morning from tomorrow…going for a jog…chirping birds…refreshing air…the warmth of sunlight at dawn…’

That was me two years back. Confident to the brim. Determined to leave the ever so comforting filthy bed in early hours of the day.

‘Just 5 more minutes please…‘, I would convince lovingly my pillow to remain under my head, ‘…you understand my feelings for you. Don’t part me from you’, and the 5 minutes thus would become like an eternity of blissful sleep.

‘Oh get up yo lazy boy…you promised you would take us to jogging today…’, started screaming on me the extra fat in my stomach and the weakening muscles as if I had endangered my country’s national security!

Those were the days. And today is another day. And fortunately, nothing has changed. Except the sky-rocketing ramblings of my stomach. And except the unprecedented determination with which I again plan today for seeing the early hours of tomorrow.

The battle with my pillow won’t be an easy affair!

Wake Early! Savor the Nature!! be my  motto 🙂

Why the big questions remain unanswered as always?

The other day I met a friend after a long time. He has a habit of ceaselessly bragging about all the expensive stuffs (gadgets, clothes) he buys frequently. I find him irksome. As if this was not enough, he always tries to find ways by which he can start bragging in the middle of a sane conversation and bring down its level. Why is the price of a new gadget/cloth that you have bought needs to be told unless it is asked for? It is in no way the big question.

The big question is

1. how one should educate his/her child. It is not what gadgets one should buy for his/her child to remain in well-off position wrt his/her neighbor.

2. what one can do to alleviate his/her society of its sufferings. It is not what is going wrong in the neighbor’s home and how can the talk be spread in the whole society.

3. what books should be recommended to a child as a must read. It is not what tuitions and how much tuitions the child need to join in order to excel.

4. how to judge the skills one possesses. Its is not how to make one accustomed to the faulty education systems and lose all the skills.

5. how to reach a consensus when confronted with a problem. It is not what accusations one can put on the other person to bring out himself/herself clean.

6. how to curb cases of racial attacks. It is not figuring out living with people of which ethnicity is more comfortable.

7. how a woman can be guaranteed her rights. It is not chalking down what set of ‘rules’ will govern her each breath.

And the biggest question of them all — why such thoughts as those mentioned here arise in so many minds around the globe, and still why the good ray of hope is seldom seen. 😦

Thirst (a poem)

all day long
dragging along
winters have fallen
summers gone…
in peace you’ll drench
your thirst will quench.

the tears of sweat like beads of pearl
hold you will when times whirl…
testimony are they of unsung deeds
of concealed desires, of unheard needs…
of journeys long, of roses and thorn
of moments of bliss, of first kiss…

redeem you will from the thorn and sweat
the rising sun, the merry and fun
the world will heed
the One will feed…

in peace you’ll drench
your thirst will quench…

ps: self-composed 🙂

A Wish (short story)

‘Come here my child…come here!’, called the man to the 8 year old with open arms.

‘Oh! grandpa’, the kid rushed into his arms which remained even open to shower blessings and love.

‘Come come…sit by my side’, said the man while taking a deep breath. ‘I am so happy to see you son.’

‘You always are, grandpa!’, chuckled the kid.

‘Haha…indeed! But this is a special moment, you see. This is a crucial moment of my life, or rather your life; today, you will receive from me what I have until now kept safe in the coffers of my spirit.’ The man coughed aloud. He seemed fatigued.

‘Oh wow! You amaze me grandpa! Is it a treasure that you will be giving me, like the ones in those fairy tale books? You narrate so well grandpa’, the kid happily kissed him on his left cheek. Tears started brimming his eyes.

‘Oh boy! My boy…you enliven me’, said he while shedding off his tears. ‘Sit sit. I’ll tell you everything! Those fairy tales, you see, are just that…fairy tales. Nothing is more adventurous than the life itself, my boy!’

‘What do you mean grandpa! Fairy tales have all the magic, the fun. I haven’t seen that magic anywhere outside those books…’, frowned the kid and looked disgustingly away.

‘You see, that’s the beauty of life. Life reveals magic only when its possessor wants it to get revealed. Magic is within you, my child.’

‘Ohh…is it?’, gleamed the kid eyes and a little smile came on his face.

‘Haha…you see that! This smile of yours…this smile may become a hope for someone to live. Because it is more than a smile. And it always was. Your smile is the sum of all the goodness that you have.’

‘And you say that my smile is a treasure? But then how can you give it to me, because it has always been with me?’

‘Oh no no no…the treasure is still with me. You are so agile my boy, haha…but this old man no more is. Let him have his breath!’

The old man slid his one hand into the right pocket of his trousers. The kid was intently watching him. ‘Is the treasure there grandpa?’

‘Yes, sort of…’, the man said while pulling out his hand. It was curled into a fist. ‘Bring your both hands son.’

The man opened his fist into the kid’s hands to reveal what it held.

‘Grandpa! …Its empty!!’

‘No, my son. It is not. My wish is my treasure, and today I am giving you this seed of my wish.’

‘What is that wish, grandpa?’

‘My wish is to see you strongest in the winds of tide and bravest in the mire of fear. My wish is to support you in this vital phase of your life.’

‘You will always be there with grandpa, as my greatest support. Won’t you?’

‘My son. I cannot tell you how much I love you. And I would never want my support to become your weakness. The age has come when you’ll have to realize your inner strength and bring out the magic hidden deep in the chasms of your spirit. The time has come for you to fail in order to know the taste of success, to fall in order to know the joy of rising.’

The man started coughing rapidly. A man in white rushed towards him. ‘Call him immediately!’, he shouted.

‘Grandpa, be careful…I’m scared’, he started sobbing.

‘Hey hey…don’t cry my boy! Its the old age problems, you see. Oh of course you see. And you’ll understand it one day as well. I’ll be waiting for you, my son. Going for a minor treatment, you know.’, he kissed the kid lovingly on both cheeks and bid a goodbye.

The child came out of the ward, sobbing.

‘Poor child, you see. He has no one except his grandpa.’, told a nurse to another one while noticing the sobbing kid.

The child went outside and sat on a bench while the numerous patients of terminal diseases were entering.

The “post hoc ergo propter hoc” Fallacy

I was reading this witty book by the name ‘Plato and a Platypus Walk into A Bar’wherein philosophy has been explained using the medium of jokes.

Herein I came across this philosophy of “post hoc ergo propter hoc” Fallacy.  Quoting from the book:

The phrase describes the error of assuming that because one thing follows another, that thing was caused by the other.

It means ‘After this, therefore because of this.’

We all have encounters with incidents where someone reaches to a wrong deduction by following a wrong path of logic. Here is a joke from the book where this fallacy seems at work.

Every morning, she steps out onto her front stoop and
exclaims, “Let this house be safe from tigers!” Then she goes back
Finally, we said to her, “What’s that all about? There isn’t a tiger
within a thousand miles of here.”
And she said, “See? It works!”

The book is a must read. It brings philosophy, which people take to be something of lesser worth, closer to them. Happy reading 😉

(TAR)get that – world’s longest running experiment touches milestone!

Duration – 80+ Years
Aim – To demonstrate that a tar-like substance has tendency to flow, but slowly.
Location – University of Queensland

Yes! On 23rd April, 2014 a milestone has been reportedly reached in the famous Pitch Drop experiment. The 9th drop fell after a gap of 13 years. It is the first time that the falling of drop has been recorded.

pitchThe late John Mainstone with the pitch drop experiment.

Read more:

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Quantisation of Literature.

Imagine the strange strange world of atomic particles being illustrated using the character of classic literature. Today, I came across this book, Alice in Quantumland: A Charming Illustrated Allegory of Quantum Physics,written by a CERN scientist Robert Gilmore and published in the year 1999.

aliceThe book explains the subtle world of quantum particles through the looking glass of Alice. For a person like me who holds interest in literature and physics equally, the subject of this book holds my interest to a great extent. I feel that this book can help a person in grasping the concepts of quantum physics easily because the very way of explaining the otherwise recondite subject attracts one’s attention. It’s like paradigm shifting: seeing the same thing from a different perspective.

The journey starts with Alice falling into a rabbit hole while watching TV. The rabbit hole takes her to Quantumland, where she has experiences varying from the ones in the classical world.

I feel that such books tend to bring physics closer to the masses and so their reading should be recommended by the masses. 🙂

Literary Meals for Thee!

Two days ago I came across an article describing about this book by the name Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature’s Most Memorable Meals, authored by Dinah Fried.

ficThe book is in fact an album of the most memorable dishes from two centuries of popular fiction. Dinah Fried herself has cooked these meals, directed the scene as well as shot the photographs. The photographs are so lively and so close to the piece of writing that one might actually want like living the moments inside the novel and savor the dishes.

Thinking about writing such a book is, in my view, a prominent step towards popularizing the age-old and evergreen heritage of literature that some of the finest minds of our civilization have given to us. Reminiscing scenes from the literary masterpieces is an act to live by.

The album cites meals from the master works of literature like The Catcher in the Rye, To kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby and Moby Dick.

Have a happy meal 😉