Mountains (a haiku)


sinuous mountains
basking in heliacal warmth
amidst the floral stretches of green, welcome life…


(Photopost) Purpose…


Devbagh Beach, Maharashtra, India

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The Best Camera.


It was two days back. An afternoon engulfed in humidity. I lifted my digicam off the shelf and headed out straight to the small garden in the terrace of my house. I do it often these days. Visiting the garden. What makes me curious is to think of various angles in which I can take a shot that would portray beauty in the purest way. By the way, I love macro photography and have recently started on it, accidentally though.

The tiny things compliment the colossal fragments of nature’s beauty. And it is only the limitations of a camera that can forestall one from capturing it! Well, what I usually do in the terrace is search for tiny flowers, uncurling leaves, withering stems. That day was giving me a disappointing feeling. The things I was accustomed with, as far as taking a photograph goes, weren’t there. No budding flowers. No nascent leaves. I looked above, towards the left sky. All barren. As I turned my head towards right, what I saw left me open-mouthed.

Bunch of thick clouds. Bright white. Floating in the sky. And giving the beauty a finishing touch was the clear bluish sky all around. Just that, in all exactness. Blue complementing the white. It was like patches of white on a blue canvas to mend something, maybe our sorrows. A smile came instantly on my face. I adjusted my camera, picked an angle, adjusted brightness, and finally clicked. When I saw the photo, I got a little disappointed. What my eyes were seeing, my camera wasn’t capturing.

As a matter of fact, my camera isn’t that great. A simple 12 MP camera with basic utilities and settings. I started wishing if I had a better camera, more professional one. Interestingly, my mind switches to ‘contemplation mode’ whenever I feel sad or disappointed. I then try figuring out what is actually causing this gloominess; whether it is not getting something that I am feeling sad about or it is my own thoughts making me feel so.

I started to think, standing in the middle of terrace, my eyes scanning the blue above. The cool breeze was slowly refreshing my rotten mood. I thought, what could be the best camera to capture such beauty other than our soul itself. I can, at some point of time in the future, buy a good camera; maybe even a DSLR. Surely, I will then be capturing better shots. But I now start seeing the real point here.

It is not about a better camera; or the best camera. It is about savoring the fragment of wonder before our eyes. It is about enjoying the present moment and not burdening oneself with  futile thoughts, because the good moments need to be captured for bad times.

Life just Happens! 🙂

Inspiration is ubiquitous.


In not the big things lies the key to captivation,
see beneath, look around, listen to the humming sound,
the skies as rich as the far-reaching grounds…
In tiny ants the shine of stars,
the fraternal love in raging wars,
the discipline of mountains, the calm of seas,
the unrequited service of honey bees…

The world is mere a stage set,
creatures come, aim and bet,
As one sows shall he reaps
the inspiration around, in mounds and heaps
For nights make way through the blooming sun
One in all, all in one!