Mountains (a haiku)


sinuous mountains
basking in heliacal warmth
amidst the floral stretches of green, welcome life…


(Photopost) Purpose…


Devbagh Beach, Maharashtra, India

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Inspiration is ubiquitous.


In not the big things lies the key to captivation,
see beneath, look around, listen to the humming sound,
the skies as rich as the far-reaching grounds…
In tiny ants the shine of stars,
the fraternal love in raging wars,
the discipline of mountains, the calm of seas,
the unrequited service of honey bees…

The world is mere a stage set,
creatures come, aim and bet,
As one sows shall he reaps
the inspiration around, in mounds and heaps
For nights make way through the blooming sun
One in all, all in one!

It is Good to Reconnect the Vanishing Dots.

Turn around once...and you'll see hands waving at you.

I finished my schooling four years back. Thereafter when I went for my graduation studies, my links to my school life had started straining. I started receiving fewer calls from friends, sometimes only messages. Even talks via social networking sites had started decreasing. The calls and messages, then, at one point, ceased to come. Back then, I sometimes used to think whether I would ever meet my school friends again. School times were golden times. I would indulge into monologues on several occasions on how we would be meeting 10 years from then. I used to think whether things would change although change is inevitable and comes in the most surprising of ways. By the time I was 1 year into my graduation course, I could barely think of the school days. The school days were gone. The friends were gone!

Each one of us, after our schooling, had the big question in front, ‘What next?’ I remember, from the good old incidents of school days, whenever any friend would ask, ‘What will we do after school? Will we be together?’ And came, every time, the unanimous reply, ‘YES, we will!’ We would think of joining the same college. Staying together. Merrying together. For all the days to come.

Surprisingly, and somewhat sadly, our this dream had been far from the reality as it turned out. Our dream was structured on feelings, and life has a special way of listening to such dreams. The bitter way, like offering a necessary medicine which no one likes to consume. Each one of us went on separate ways. In separate colleges. Pursuing unknown goals.

I still remember how in the early days of my graduation studies, I remained aloof. Aloof of people. Aloof of life. I remained in myself, or rather in the good old days I had left behind. It felt like a game of tug-o-war, with the only difference of the game being pre-fixed, that I had to lose. And I lost. I lost contact to a major fraction of my school friends. Those were the bad days, or rather not the good old days of my life.

When I woke up today, I didn’t knew what life had in closet for me today. I did the usual chores. Did a bit of reading. Slept for long hours in the afternoon. And when I woke up again, I didn’t realize that life had opened its closet and I was in for a pleasant surprise.

Within an hour’s time post my waking up, an official from a nearby bank knocked at the door asking me to accompany him to the bank for the purpose of verification of some kind. I hurriedly changed my clothes, took necessary documents and left with the man for the bank.

I sat down on a chair, waiting to get called,  the bank head to feet in their routine work. And as I was gazing from one corner of the room to the other, my eyes tracked a familiar face coming out from among two or three people standing at a distance to five feet from me. And mind it, ‘five feet’ is an approximation. I am not a guy who carries inch tapes to banks. Or to any place.

So coming back. The familiar face. How could I forget him! I was seeing a school friend after 3 long years! Without any invitation. Without any kind of premonitions. A smile covered his thinly face as he saw me. YES. This is the big part. The smile. He recognized me. He didn’t ignore me. He approached me with a smiling face. And I slowly raised from the chair, an expression of surprise, a pleasant one, on my face. I didn’t even realize when I too had started smiling.

We exchanged talks, asked about each other’s life. And in those talks came rolling another surprise towards me. That he was the assistant manager of that branch! I greeted him wishes. I felt happy.

Although our meet turned out a short one, as he had to see his errand and I had to return, I am happy that it happened. Such is life. Ever unpredictable. I feel it is a good thing, life being unpredictable. It offers sudden bursts of happiness which have the power of revitalizing one’s dormant soul!

Embrace without questioning. Live without regretting.