(Photopost) Touching the shores…


Devbagh Beach, Maharashtra, India

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When the sun goes down (a poem)

When the sun goes down
and light fades away,
When my dreams wake
to live a better day
When the darkness dissolves
in breaths I take,
When I become a nomad
in the land of my own delusions
When I turn sad,
and breed despair
I see a fading light
at the horizon
whispering a tale
waiting to be told
I know
the flowers will bloom again
and nomad will find its home

My World. (a poem)

the world is small as my sorrows
and big as my fears
the world is simple as my days
and confound as my tears
the world is beautiful as my cherishable moments
the world is ugly as my unlived years
the world is cheerful as my childhood friend
the world is sad as my broken heart
the world is finite as my body
the world is infinite as my imagination
the world is dark as nothingness inside me
the world is bright as people free
the world is vast, can I fathom thee?
I close my eyes, and find you inside me…