Random Thought.

The more experience I gain, the stronger becomes my conviction that life is nothing but a comedy, and people who take it seriously are missing the whole point.


Picking up the mighty pen!

If I am asked what is that one thing that I would most like to start doing right now, I would say – I WANT TO WRITE A BOOK.

Yes. Write a book. It has been 4 years since I started planning to write.

For the past few days, I have been searching extensively on how to write, what topic to write on and the process of novel/story writing. But the best advice that I came across is to this – JUST START WRITING. I believe it is the only push that I require, or as a matter of fact, anyone would if he/sh wants to start something. The most terrible thing that could happen is that I end up writing a bad book. And that won’t be failure at all, unless I manage to finish it. Failure is when I don’t learn why something went the undesirable way and how that thing can be done in a better way next time.

Writing book is like undertaking long-awaited journey. I am positive that this journey will teach me new lessons and give me an experience to cherish.

P.S. – Please feel free to share your views/experiences in the comments section 🙂 .

What shapes a business model?

Time and again have discussions been done on what shapes a good business idea.

Today’s era is the era of start-ups, of young minds breaking the conventional barriers and bringing about a change in the society. People have started to choose independence of work over futile jobs pouring fixed income into their pockets. People have started to realise the potential of technology in bringing a massive level change to all lives. The day is not far when each person will be connected to every other person over a network and be able to communicate in a seamless fashion.

So its important that we understand the difference between a good business idea and a bad business idea, or simply, what makes a business idea good or bad.

In my understanding, the very prediction of a business idea being a success or a failure cannot boil down to a mere consideration of three or four factors like income yield, level of public interest, potential of resources, etc.

Lets look at the below three business scenarios.

Case 1

There is a village named Kolgaon. Around 55-65% population there is youth in the age group of 20-25. 60% of the youth have not had the opportunity to enroll in a graduate program. Kolgaon lacks in providing basic education amenities. The rise in unemployment rate can be foreseen in the village of Kolgaon. What kind of business model would sustain in a place like Kolgaon?

Case 2

There is a town named Shagampur, where primary industrial activities revolve around thermal electricity generation (coal-based), and which is the main income source of major proportion of the residents. There is no IT hub in the area, not there is proper network infrastructure. There are educational institutions but almost none that offers graduation level courses. What kind of business model suits a place like Shagampur?

Case 3

Arankot is a bustling city which has drawn IT crowd in the last 5 years. The city is growing at an unprecedented pace. Real Estate is booming. Many villagers have become rich, owing to the influx of money from multinationals. However, money influx is not uniform over the geographic area of Arankot. 40% of Arankot suffers from water scarcity during summer. Rich are becoming richer. Living cost is increasing at some portions of the city while it is nominal at others. What kind of business model can bring about a balance in a city like Arankot?

Defining a business model requires brainstorming, and a lot of it! One cannot simply create a product/service and roll out in the market. Market study is crucial. Getting to know the wants/needs of customer. Identifying the gaps in the society. These are some of the aspects which need to be considered.

Wake-up Call.

Every day, I wake up. I can hardly imagine anything more futile than this. Waking Up.

I wake up. I get fresh. I bathe. Get dressed for my office. Have breakfast. Every day, I lock my almirah and walk to the same spot to catch a bus/autorickshaw. The same script is running since last three months. And I wonder why! People discover what they want from their life. And I can only wonder about the randomness life has to offer. I board the same train everyday and don’t know where it drops me.

What do I want from Life? Well, I know what I don’t want from life. I wake up not to earn MORE money. And I certainly don’t think I wake up to please anyone. I am a person who prefers walking down a silent lane with solitude as my only companion. I prefer picking up a good book on weekend. And what are my wishes? I could only wish life was a long long weekend.