Color of Monsoon. (Short Poem)


the colors of monsoon,
dripping from the tips of tender leaves
onto the little bright pink flowers
falling on the insipid pathway and giving it a meaning
their gentle movements in the gentle cool breeze
brings my life to a standstill,
as I think about the immense forms
nature shows its beauty…

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Monsoon Drizzle. (Haiku)


drizzly rains, gusty winds, ubiquitous greenery
blooming seeds, heavenly fragrance, foggy love in the air
monsoon – harbinger of change…

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Pure. (a poem)

caressing my face
with gentle strokes,
filling me
with serenity,
my eyes close
in awe
of the openness and vastness
the nature displays,
the winds, carrying
the calm of waters,
elevating me from worldly realms
into moments of solitude,
the clouds
in erratic patterns
wanting to shower a story from above
and I, a mere receptacle
of all that is good
and pure…