Rejection (Short Poem)

In moments of rejection
my heart paves a path
through unseen doorways and unseen alleys;
my eyes look for a distant gleam
beyond the sea of uncertainty;
my legs want to run, and run
from the pointlessness of being and not living;
my mind weaves intricate webs,
concocting ideas I could not thin before;
my soul begins to break,
transform into moments of transience
as I take a deep breath,
and dive into the well of endless opportunities…


Picking up the mighty pen!

If I am asked what is that one thing that I would most like to start doing right now, I would say – I WANT TO WRITE A BOOK.

Yes. Write a book. It has been 4 years since I started planning to write.

For the past few days, I have been searching extensively on how to write, what topic to write on and the process of novel/story writing. But the best advice that I came across is to this – JUST START WRITING. I believe it is the only push that I require, or as a matter of fact, anyone would if he/sh wants to start something. The most terrible thing that could happen is that I end up writing a bad book. And that won’t be failure at all, unless I manage to finish it. Failure is when I don’t learn why something went the undesirable way and how that thing can be done in a better way next time.

Writing book is like undertaking long-awaited journey. I am positive that this journey will teach me new lessons and give me an experience to cherish.

P.S. – Please feel free to share your views/experiences in the comments section 🙂 .

When the sun goes down (a poem)

When the sun goes down
and light fades away,
When my dreams wake
to live a better day
When the darkness dissolves
in breaths I take,
When I become a nomad
in the land of my own delusions
When I turn sad,
and breed despair
I see a fading light
at the horizon
whispering a tale
waiting to be told
I know
the flowers will bloom again
and nomad will find its home


What is journey,
if it carries a motive.
What is journey,
if it intends on arriving.
What is journey,
if it ends on an ending.
What is journey,
if it touches no souls.
What is journey,
to fulfill mere goals.

journey like a flowing river,
journey like a mad soul,
journey like you have never roamed,
journey like it is you everywhere…

Breaking down. (a poem)

come, hold my hands
let us drift away to marooned lands,
come, hold my soul
come with me for a stroll…

have you ever thought what you are,
have you ever been to places far
within yourself, have you ever?
have you ever cried when trampled down
have you been made a mere clown
who has lost smile, have you ever?
have you ever lend your heart
to a stranger and got lost,
have you ever?
have you ever cooked the meal of defeat,
have you ever purged your ego,
have you ever?

life is replete with missing bricks,
have you ever found one to build your own?
follow me into the shattered domes,
hold my hand, come home…

Let yours’ be someone’s source of inspiration…

I get inspired by small deeds of kindness. I believe such acts make one a good person, which in turn inspire me to do good!

Having lofty ambitions at one end while you are climbing the ladders of deceit and infidelity at the other won’t pay off. It is like digging your own grave for burying your fate. How can one remain lively in such a situation. His apprehensions will keep biting him!

Inspiration is a fodder for the soul. It gets our nerves racing.

Do share how you keep yourself inspired. What inspires you the most??

Time is Now. (a poem)

tapestry of stones
on the canvas of grass,
laid before my eyes
till horizons last,
as I approach the winding turns
my heart writhes and soul burns
in the coal of heat of open fields
holding rage of thousand suns
bits of thorn and pebbles small
adorn the way to mountains tall
panting, breaths and heavy sighs
harbingers of success in one and all,
lifting my gaze with sweat on the brow
with shiny sun gazing back
steps to take, miles awake
the time is here, the time is now…

Pure. (a poem)

caressing my face
with gentle strokes,
filling me
with serenity,
my eyes close
in awe
of the openness and vastness
the nature displays,
the winds, carrying
the calm of waters,
elevating me from worldly realms
into moments of solitude,
the clouds
in erratic patterns
wanting to shower a story from above
and I, a mere receptacle
of all that is good
and pure…