Astray (a haiku)

child astray,
like a withered leaf, bereft of tenderness
an aide, to rekindle the spirit it wants…


Let Go and Live. (a poem)

I remember, it was a cave,
it was my destiny, or I got lost
I don't remember...

I touched my eyes, swollen,
I woke from a long sleep, or wept night long
I don't remember...

I remember, vague faces
whirling around inside; friends or foes,
I don't remember...

I felt scars on my hand, burning,
itching; I put it there, or someone rewarded,
I don't remember...

I heard a cry,
my heart was bleeding, or a cave nearby,
I don't remember...

I crawled out of the cave,
and fell into the chasm of oblivion; did I live?
I don't remember...

I am sitting by the seaside,
embracing winds; where are my fears?
I don't remember...

Opportunity. (a haiku)

thousand suns
falling on his head –
he walks away for a better day…

P.S. – We should always try to grab opportunities rather than waiting for a better time. We must move on whatever happens, or atleast we should try. Trying is a big thing. Not everyone does that although anyone can.