Astray (a haiku)

child astray,
like a withered leaf, bereft of tenderness
an aide, to rekindle the spirit it wants…


Flight of a Lifetime… (short poem)

flames of perseverance
be thy side, fanning thy aspirations
no goal there is
unreachable, let go of fear
spread thy wings of will power
the green lands on the other side know thy strength
plunge into the depths of uncertainty, opportunity awaits thee
no territory unconquerable
shed thy apprehensions, and take
the flight of a lifetime…

Beats of a Mourning Drum. (Short Poem)

Like each breath, inching closer to the chasm
that knows not mercy,
I am stepping on your soul,
with a mourning drum,
playing the tune of sorrow, of grief.

I am nurtured by your ignorance
I am everything you fear from,
You cannot escape…
Ye cannot slay…
I reign over you…
I leave you lifeless…
I am your darker side…

Tears. (a poem)

trickling down
in fits and curves,
with a part of me,
gently giving a salty kiss
on my lips,
clinging from my cheeks,
holding me
like life holds death,
ready to fall and mix
in the sand beneath,
never to be seen again,
bidding goodbye…

Two Sides. (a poem)

as I gaze upon the dense forests
running past my left,
as I gaze upon the barren lands
calling me from the right,
I find them
to be one,
as if the barrenness has shed its greenery
for its sibling,
as if the greenness is an imprint of days to come,
reflection of life
on the mirror of time,
obviating the sense
of superior or inferior,
unifying all…

Acceptance. (a poem)

How can I be free
while dragging the boulders of regretfulness,
while drinking from the goblets of sins,
while soaring in the miasma of pretentiousness…

How can I be free
while moulding my own shackles
of greed, ego,
while bowing down
to the guillotine of deceit…

How long will I be aloof
of my own being,
my death or the patience of eternity,
How long will I take
to muster courage
and extend hands
for my own acceptance…