Forever Gone. (Short Poem)


There you are, the dream I see with open eyes
the fire of my soul;
wish I could sit by your side,
read the truth dripping from your lies;
wish I could touch your hands,
feel my rising pulse...

Wish you were not so far
Wish you could hear my scream
Wish you and I were together in the dusk of our lives
Wish you were not forever gone.....

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Beautiful. (a poem)

like the crescent moon
incomplete yet fulfilling
emerging in the showers of twilight
sneaking through the windows
settling in the glow of my eyes
you are beautiful…

Strange Acquintance. (a poem)

sitting across her,
tables facing each other,
a smile exchanges
acknowledging a relation
naive and hidden,
talks happen
over silent glances,
a whim or everlasting feeling,
story of few seconds
or trumpet, blowing
for centuries,
time will tell
until they meet again
in the silent corners
of their eyes….

Unrequited Love. (a poem)

Like the aroma of a rose, satiating air
The meeting of eyes, limpid and bare…
Of hundred wishes, of sole commitment
Of unanswered texts, and hearts bent.
Bearing the hope of thousand suns
with saccharine thoughts, and frequent smile…
Profounder than death is my love
miles apart from trick and beguile.

Soaring high like untainted dove
my life… my unrequited love.