Winters (a haiku)

nature, awakens with the yawn of gushy, cold winds
removes the blanket of darkness
streaks of bright enter my soul…


Flight of a Lifetime… (short poem)

flames of perseverance
be thy side, fanning thy aspirations
no goal there is
unreachable, let go of fear
spread thy wings of will power
the green lands on the other side know thy strength
plunge into the depths of uncertainty, opportunity awaits thee
no territory unconquerable
shed thy apprehensions, and take
the flight of a lifetime…

When the Sun Goes Down… (short poem)

silver spoons, gold crowns
silently wither in the rage of dawn
cries of moon, feeble voice
behold the tide, when the sun goes down…

dreaded paths, silent screams
broken pieces of shattered dreams
departed love, lovers forlorn
behold the tide, when the sun goes down…

misty eyes, funeral pyres
carcasses of unfulfilled desires
kin or foe, who is gone?
lo and behold, when the sun goes down…

Rejection (Short Poem)

In moments of rejection
my heart paves a path
through unseen doorways and unseen alleys;
my eyes look for a distant gleam
beyond the sea of uncertainty;
my legs want to run, and run
from the pointlessness of being and not living;
my mind weaves intricate webs,
concocting ideas I could not thin before;
my soul begins to break,
transform into moments of transience
as I take a deep breath,
and dive into the well of endless opportunities…