20 years in a row…

‘Oh yes! Finally waking up in the morning from tomorrow…going for a jog…chirping birds…refreshing air…the warmth of sunlight at dawn…’

That was me two years back. Confident to the brim. Determined to leave the ever so comforting filthy bed in early hours of the day.

‘Just 5 more minutes please…‘, I would convince lovingly my pillow to remain under my head, ‘…you understand my feelings for you. Don’t part me from you’, and the 5 minutes thus would become like an eternity of blissful sleep.

‘Oh get up yo lazy boy…you promised you would take us to jogging today…’, started screaming on me the extra fat in my stomach and the weakening muscles as if I had endangered my country’s national security!

Those were the days. And today is another day. And fortunately, nothing has changed. Except the sky-rocketing ramblings of my stomach. And except the unprecedented determination with which I again plan today for seeing the early hours of tomorrow.

The battle with my pillow won’t be an easy affair!

Wake Early! Savor the Nature!! be my  motto 🙂