Musings on Rumi #2

like snow
melt and flow

inspired by Rumi’s quote
Be melting snow
Wash yourself of yourself.


Musings on Rumi #1

be like the light,
illuminate all
in spring, in fall…

inspired by Rumi’s quote
When the light returns to its source, it takes nothing of what it has illuminated.

Wake-up Call.

Every day, I wake up. I can hardly imagine anything more futile than this. Waking Up.

I wake up. I get fresh. I bathe. Get dressed for my office. Have breakfast. Every day, I lock my almirah and walk to the same spot to catch a bus/autorickshaw. The same script is running since last three months. And I wonder why! People discover what they want from their life. And I can only wonder about the randomness life has to offer. I board the same train everyday and don’t know where it drops me.

What do I want from Life? Well, I know what I don’t want from life. I wake up not to earn MORE money. And I certainly don’t think I wake up to please anyone. I am a person who prefers walking down a silent lane with solitude as my only companion. I prefer picking up a good book on weekend. And what are my wishes? I could only wish life was a long long weekend.

My World. (a poem)

the world is small as my sorrows
and big as my fears
the world is simple as my days
and confound as my tears
the world is beautiful as my cherishable moments
the world is ugly as my unlived years
the world is cheerful as my childhood friend
the world is sad as my broken heart
the world is finite as my body
the world is infinite as my imagination
the world is dark as nothingness inside me
the world is bright as people free
the world is vast, can I fathom thee?
I close my eyes, and find you inside me…

Forbidden thoughts. (a poem)

inhabiting the lands of the forbidden
are my thoughts, lurking round
the corners, watching your
every move of deception,
waiting to come to action,
waiting to be unleashed
on the blunt sword of falsity
you carry on your tongue,
forbidden I am for the time is yours,
and you shall fear, for the idea
shall not be forbidden for long…