Beautiful. (a poem)

like the crescent moon
incomplete yet fulfilling
emerging in the showers of twilight
sneaking through the windows
settling in the glow of my eyes
you are beautiful…


10 reasons why people remain unhappy.

1. Because they think happiness is measurable by possessions.
2. Because death scares them.
3. Because they keep fulfilling someone else’s dreams.
4. Because they have forgotten their childhood dreams.
5. Because they have buried their passion.
6. Because they take life as mere competition.
7. Because they are purposelessly racing for money.
8. Because they think ego can be satisfied.
9. Because they think happiness costs money.
10. Because they think only miracles bring happiness.

Let Go and Live. (a poem)

I remember, it was a cave,
it was my destiny, or I got lost
I don't remember...

I touched my eyes, swollen,
I woke from a long sleep, or wept night long
I don't remember...

I remember, vague faces
whirling around inside; friends or foes,
I don't remember...

I felt scars on my hand, burning,
itching; I put it there, or someone rewarded,
I don't remember...

I heard a cry,
my heart was bleeding, or a cave nearby,
I don't remember...

I crawled out of the cave,
and fell into the chasm of oblivion; did I live?
I don't remember...

I am sitting by the seaside,
embracing winds; where are my fears?
I don't remember...