Lost and Found. (a poem)

wander and get lost
in the storm of unknown,
lose yourself and rediscover
on the shores of a rising sun,
flow with the tides of time
gather roses and thorns
find solace within…


Freedom. (a poem)

firing guns and dropping bombs,
bleeding hearts and broken songs,
seconds, minutes, days bygone
where is your freedom, where my own…

cover your eye, bow your knee
and repeat
I am free…

Breaking down. (a poem)

come, hold my hands
let us drift away to marooned lands,
come, hold my soul
come with me for a stroll…

have you ever thought what you are,
have you ever been to places far
within yourself, have you ever?
have you ever cried when trampled down
have you been made a mere clown
who has lost smile, have you ever?
have you ever lend your heart
to a stranger and got lost,
have you ever?
have you ever cooked the meal of defeat,
have you ever purged your ego,
have you ever?

life is replete with missing bricks,
have you ever found one to build your own?
follow me into the shattered domes,
hold my hand, come home…