Just be. (a poem)

be the rainbow to someone’s cloud,
be the breeze to someone’s roots,
be the rain to someone’s seeds,
be the sail in someone’s storm,
be the shore to someone’s river,
be the saucer of someone’s love,
be the purger of someone’s wounds,
just be…


Let yours’ be someone’s source of inspiration…

I get inspired by small deeds of kindness. I believe such acts make one a good person, which in turn inspire me to do good!

Having lofty ambitions at one end while you are climbing the ladders of deceit and infidelity at the other won’t pay off. It is like digging your own grave for burying your fate. How can one remain lively in such a situation. His apprehensions will keep biting him!

Inspiration is a fodder for the soul. It gets our nerves racing.

Do share how you keep yourself inspired. What inspires you the most??