Choice. (a poem)

offers a choice,
to choose smile
or collect tears,
a choice we make
for every breath we take,
seldom realising our reasons
for making a choice;
for gathering negatives
in the well of life
replete with hope;
conscious must we be
for every negative thought
can bury us
miles deep,
and a positive thought
is a ray of light
in the darkest caverns;
let us be free
and make one choice,
the choice to be happy…

P.S. – started reading The Power by Rhonda Byrne today…the poem above is inspired by this.


5 thoughts on “Choice. (a poem)

  1. So inspiring! Life always offers an open choice and next, the ball is in our court. Glad to know you are presently hooked to THE POWER. Her works are really inspiring. I am done with the SECRET, THE POWER and THE MAGIC. 🙂

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