5 Ways to Enliven your Life!

Ever felt like your life is losing its pace? Or experiencing the moments of happiness seems a distant thing??

To paraphrase Carl Jung, man’s life is a constant fight with impending boredom. And this boredom is a universal fluid, trying to lure every bit of the living. It is like a parasite feasting on us. But it isn’t unconquerable.

Here are 5 ways as to how one can revitalise himself:-

1. Recollect memories from the childhood or adulthood days. Talk to your parents about them. Ask your parents or the elderly about how there lives were. This is a way in which you’ll feel more connected to this world.

2. Pen down your life’s incidents, quaint experiences, witty sayings you’ve heard. Life isn’t only about filling one’s vault. Life is deceptive. It forces you into thinking that you are a dull creature. Penning down your life will make you more concrete and open doors to a higher level of consciousness.

3. Read a fantasy book. It is an escapist strategy but a necessary one. We over think on our problems that we seldom throw a glance over the intangible, i.e. the ideas having the potency to liberate us. Wise words of Gandalf the Grey are more helpful than the rantings of a crooked politician on television.

4. Start doing something artistic, like learning a musical instrument, painting, drawing. It acts like a vent for your suppressed thoughts. You won’t turn a virtuoso overnight, and in fact this isn’t the motive. Artistry has great healing power. Become your own healer.

5. Talk to an old friend, a distant relative. Or if time and indolence permits, plan an excursion to some place serene. Feeling a connectedness to the nature itself will calm your senses and lessen anxiety.

Life in itself is not a 5-step recipe. Life is to dare and reach beyond your own limits.

Have a good day! 🙂


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