Getting inspired wrongly.

I have never wished to become ‘something’ in my life.

By ‘something’ here, I mean a doctor, an engineer, a scientist, an actor, a singer, et cetera et cetera. And the reason lies in the word itself…’something’. When a person ties his life for becoming this ‘something’ just for the sake of becoming that thing, he/she reduces to ‘some thing’. Some thing that devalues itself, devalues the infinite potential of the human spirit.

When I was a kid, I got inspired to become an engineer. Why? I didn’t knew. Maybe because my father is an engineer. Maybe because I lived for 18 years in the colony of engineers. Maybe because I was academically fair. Maybe because all academically fair students were opting for the engineering as their career path. Maybe because I thought that this is the only successful career path.  But was this inspiring enough for a kid or deceptive? Did these reasons account for all the factors that would keep me inspired through my youthful years as well? As it turned out, a man is a kid only as long as his thoughtfulness is on vacation.

Inspiration is not a superficial thing. It requires a deeper connection with inner self. A true inspiration never dies. It is like the incessant fire within that keeps one’s spirit ever high. We should always seek a true source of inspiration. Inspiration has no shape. Anything from the infinitesimal to the infinite can inspire. What I want to state here is the subtle connection of inspiration with one’s career. Choose a path not just because it will earn you more because then you may in the future fall in an abyss of unhappiness. Do the work you love to do. That’s the key to true inspiration for me. The passion to do something. The need to raise passion for a greater purpose, for a greater good. Just because one is good at something doesn’t mean he/she has to do it his/her whole life. Discovering what you love may not be the only thing worth searching, but discovering it will make your life worthwhile. It will lead to inner satisfaction.

Life is not a straight line journey. They will come many turns. There will be downs. And in these moments only the inner inspirational fire will get you racing!

Be lively. Be inspired 🙂


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