Why the big questions remain unanswered as always?

The other day I met a friend after a long time. He has a habit of ceaselessly bragging about all the expensive stuffs (gadgets, clothes) he buys frequently. I find him irksome. As if this was not enough, he always tries to find ways by which he can start bragging in the middle of a sane conversation and bring down its level. Why is the price of a new gadget/cloth that you have bought needs to be told unless it is asked for? It is in no way the big question.

The big question is

1. how one should educate his/her child. It is not what gadgets one should buy for his/her child to remain in well-off position wrt his/her neighbor.

2. what one can do to alleviate his/her society of its sufferings. It is not what is going wrong in the neighbor’s home and how can the talk be spread in the whole society.

3. what books should be recommended to a child as a must read. It is not what tuitions and how much tuitions the child need to join in order to excel.

4. how to judge the skills one possesses. Its is not how to make one accustomed to the faulty education systems and lose all the skills.

5. how to reach a consensus when confronted with a problem. It is not what accusations one can put on the other person to bring out himself/herself clean.

6. how to curb cases of racial attacks. It is not figuring out living with people of which ethnicity is more comfortable.

7. how a woman can be guaranteed her rights. It is not chalking down what set of ‘rules’ will govern her each breath.

And the biggest question of them all — why such thoughts as those mentioned here arise in so many minds around the globe, and still why the good ray of hope is seldom seen. 😦


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