A Tale of Two WebCities

It was a landmark event in the world of social networking.

Fifteen years ago, with the mobile industry still to boom, man had limited alternatives to be in contact with their dear ones who lived in far off places. I remember how, back then, my family members used to write long letters to their relatives, and patiently had to wait for the reply.

A very less fraction of the world population back then would have imagined that one could keep their far-off relatives on their fingertips. The birth of Orkut will always have a pivotal place in the history of social media.

In the year 2006, when Orkut was turning three, I saw how children of my age back then joined it with much excitement. It was an entirely new experience. Writing scraps. Writing testimonials. People started understanding, even if in the least sense, what actually social connection means. Many got the platform to spread their skills among the like-minded. India has been de facto among the largest fan bases of Orkut and I have seen it as well.

I had made my first Facebook account in the year 2007, and it was a barren land back then. No people. No applications. No talk-in-the-air. Facebook was stagnant. Orkut was booming. Orkut was good. And all good things must come to an end. And GOOGLE has done so. With the shutdown of Orkut around September this year, a major chapter of the rise of modern social media will close. But its memories shall always live.

Adios ORKUT.


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