Cessation – The End

Her eyes were too small to gather the happiness she felt. He was right there.

‘Oh my…’, she ran to embrace him. But soon her senses came to life and she saw 5 strange creatures right behind him. They are not manly, she thought. Her body twitched. Fear started gripping her again. ‘Oh gosh…spirits!!’

‘Oh Zelda, my love! Don’t be afraid. Friends they are. I am alive…’, said he while embracing his beloved. Tears fell from her eyes onto his hands. The Bayon Beach was welcoming the embrace of love.

‘Behold! The dark horses’

The hollow reverberating voice startled all at once. Each one now eyed at the 5 unknowns. The 5 spirits.

‘We are the spirits of the past. The beacons of future we are. No less prime is our purpose of visiting our Mother.’

She felt consoled by his close presence, yet was unable to comprehend the voice.

‘Hearken to us. Rise from the dead. Else you will perish. The diggers of your own graves.’

‘Where are you from? Why did you choose my husband?’, asked she but felt it was better if she hadn’t.

‘The origin of us holds mere importance against our message. Our message to you. To the whole mankind!’

‘And what do you have to say?’, shouted Dave from behind, his temper loosening.

‘I say not what you’ll feel comforting, because times have gone. Time has changed. Man has changed.’

Cold winds started to blow. Everyone but the spirits started feeling a chill down his spine.

‘Through the ages have we traveled. From far back into the past, to the unknown voids of the future. None to the extent as us knows what man has done to his civilization. To his people. To the Mother Nature. And your husband, dear lady, is too one of them. You too are. You all are. And who are we but a speck on the canvas of nature. We hold no authority to punish anyone. Mother Nature has her ways for it.’

All were cautiously listening to the spirit, as if losing a single word of his might a have catastrophic effect.

‘We are no enemies. We are from amongst you. A part of the heritage of mankind. At times have we seen the zenith of civilizations bowing down to the greed of mankind. The selfishness. The greed of power. Of wealth. It consumes the very soul of man. And I can do no more than warn you. That the end is near. The man needs to wake now from the sleep of ill-will and rise above the chasm of downfall. Man needs to understand that its not me but we that matters. That there is a place for Love amidst the humdrum of life. That life is glorified by the accumulation of smiles and not wealth. Mother Nature has seen enough. She must suffer no more.’

Silence fell everywhere. It felt like man became conscious of the direction in which he is heading.

‘Give our message to all. And take this talisman to every place where you go’, said the spirit while handing over a pendant to Zelda. ‘The presence of talisman around people will connect their consciousness to ours.’ Zelda tightly held the pendant and moved back to her husband.

‘As of now, we shall leave. Our message to you must act as a beacon of change. Of positive change. I lay the rest in your hands. And I know that man has preserved hope for ages. That man will. Let that hope never die. Let it fruit into a prospering civilization.’

With this the whole of sky glimmered in the blinding white light. Everyone fell back thinking of a prospective explosion. But in a second it was all gone. The spirits had gone.

‘Are you fine dear?’, asked Zelda after regaining herself.

‘Yes I am. Because I must tell you it was the best day of my life. I have a lot to share. Let’s get home.’

‘And the pendant? The message?’, she asked curiously.

‘Ahh! The pendant too. Let’s go home first. I’m tired!’

They went along as she embraced him. His eyes had a twinkle of the stars as if holding a deeper secret. As if he held the key to forestall the cessation of human civilization.


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