Cessation – III

Everwhere befell dead silence. They walked inside.

‘I’m Dave from the INTELLIGENTSIA Corps, ma’am. There’s something mysterious going on at the Bayon Beach, and I’m afraid your husband might be in grave peril’, he told with stern look, while entering the corridor, to her.

Terror engulfed her. ‘How is he? Is he…is he…alive?’, she burst into tears.

‘I can see you’re very much consumed with worry, ma’am. Your husband seems alright. He called us half an hour ago to send a message to you. He wants you to meet her. He says its…its for the whole mankind.’

‘What do you mean?…the whole mankind?’, replies she with a relaxed yet perplexed look.

‘He hasn’t apprised us on the whole affair either. He says its someone from…from the sky. He stammered I mean…’

‘What do you mean from the sky!!’

‘I don’t know either ma’am. Its an enigma as of now. It sounded like he was gasping for breath. He sounded strange. No one ever sounded so strange.’

‘Just tell me what he told!’, she started losing her temper.

‘He told me its about…its about all the goodness in this world. I know it’ll sound weird to you. But these were his words. Please bear with me ma’am…’

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about. This can’t be my husband! Go on…’

‘He told me people are destroying it. Destroying something. Something which is priceless and can’t be regained. I don’t know. I got so confused that…’

‘Just keep saying…’

‘He told about a chance. A chance for something. A last chance. He said we’re being watched over. That they’re here!’, his pupils dilated.

‘Who are here?’

‘Who have the privilege of bestowing us with a chance, he said. I don’t know. It went over my head. He wants you. Its all I know. Its the need of the hour. You’ve to come with me to the Bayon Beach.’

The Bayon Beach was submerged in its own mystery.

If only one cared…If only one listened…


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