Cessation – II

She was perturbed to the core. Every inch of hers was trembling with fear.

‘He never behaved so strangely before, not even when his book was nearly lost few days back. Is he…with his friends! I should call them. Maybe I should wait. But for how long. What if he’s gone for eternity!! No, I should call someone.’

Hurriedly she picked up the receiver. ‘Hello! Police? Its an emergency. Please help!’, said she, gasping for an ounce of breath.

‘Arkhmen raark…shrov shrov’

She jumped back, the receiver falling off her hands. ‘Oh gosh! What’s that sound!!’, she thought, sweat dripping off her neck. The hollow sound brought a chill inside her. She had never listened to it before. Ever.

Gathering her courage, she started moving closer to the phone and picked the receiver off the floor. ‘Who’s…who’s this?’, said she in a timid voice. A silence fell on the other side. ‘Maybe it was…a misconception…just…a disturbance in signals. Ohh I’m too worried!!’. Just when she was about to put down the receiver, that hollow sound started coming again.

‘Arkhmen raark…shrov shrov. Arkhmen raark…shrov shrov’

It chilled her to the bones. The sound was agonizing. It felt like carrying the pain of thousand lives. She felt connected to it…to the pain it conveyed. She started feeling not terrified but sad, sad for someone distant. Someone from the past. Or the future maybe.

The sound continued for another 5 minutes. To her, it felt like a lifetime’s burden to bear. She put down the receiver, went to the couch and started crying. Crying for reasons she didn’t knew.

‘My husband is in danger’, said she while standing up, ‘He needs me. Something is not good.’

Just when she was about to leave in her jeep, a loud thud came on the door.

‘Who’s there??’, she asked in a loud voice.

‘We have a news for you, ma’am. And I’m afraid you’ll fall off your feet after hearing it. Please open the door.’


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