Cessation – I

Night it was…pitch black everywhere.

He was into it for the last 10 hours. Something was wrong. Something was strange, he thought. The sky was never so green before.

Its had been his most dearly pass time activity, to sit by the seaside, holding a book in hand and admiring the richness of nature. He came routinely to the Bayon Beach to escape from the pedestrian life. Books were his best friends. Through them, he would enter the skin of another person and live a life different from his; a life that doesn’t exist.

But he was perturbed that day, particularly that night. Something was stopping him from returning to home at dusk. The weather was never so unpredictable before. The winds felt like carrying omens. He was not scared but worried. His books had made him stronger. He felt something important would take place; his life would change.

‘Yes honey, I’m fine…it’s just this…..something unusual….yes yes, keep my food. You don’t worry dear. I’ll be back. Love you!’

He hung up the phone. Looking at the sky became his priority that day. It felt like a giant portal was there above, not visible but there, waiting to be opened. This reminded him of one stance from the book he read last week, a sci-fi thriller. He could feel the pages of that book are before him, on the canvas of nature and enacted by the almighty. That night he kept his book aside. The turn of events before his eyes were sufficient to keep him preoccupied.

Then suddenly, it happened. In a flash of seconds, all unraveled. The curtains of mystery fell from the sky, bringing forth the naked truth of this universe.

‘Oh gosshhh! …oh my…..how could it…’

The green of the sky was burnished with bright white, blinding white. He submerged into dizziness. The ambiance was too much for him to cope with. He knew of his closeness to a grim reality standing by his foot. The sands of beach embraced him as he fell. He looked above. Familiarity was gone. The white light started receding. He was just gathering his conscience when in a jiffy his heart broke with terror and he made a harsh cry.

There they were…


…to be continued…

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