Through the Growing Years…

‘Who is she?’

He sees left and right, to that distance his eyes permit. He is searching for something…for someone maybe. I ain’t sure. The distant horizon is hinting at his lofty dreams, or perhaps undermining his caliber to achieve it. I ain’t sure, neither is he. He is yet to know, to discover. His gaze returns at her.

The little girl leans and kisses his mother on the cheek.

‘Thank you mama, its such a lovely doll…’, says the girl. ‘Aye, no way…not as lovely as my dear daughter.’, replies the mother lifting her daughter in  her arms. ‘You cannot imagine, my dear, how special you are to me, and equally special is this day when you came in my life and brought with you a reason for me to live’, the mother starts sobbing and walks away.

He has started to learn. In fact, its only 5 years and 1 minute since he has started his journey of life. He is unable to understand what just happened before him. ‘Who was that lady? Who is this girl? Why they did what they did? Why no one comes to me and does this?’, he might be thinking all this amidst the din of the city sitting near the huge iron gates left open.

‘Usha taai, just see there…that kid’, shouts the incharge pointing at the kid, ‘its so irresponsible on your part to leave a small kid by the roadside. You know the traffic and yet you repeat such silly mistakes. You never know when a mishap can occur.’

Usha taai replies in a timid tone, ‘Pardon, sir. I will see to it that this doesn’t repeat…’ ‘It better not…and see the gates. Left open again. Bring the kid back and shut the gates at once.’, replies the in-charge in stern voice.

Usha taai walks duty-bound, lifts the kid off the ground in her arms and locks down the gates of the orphanage.


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