The ‘why’ behind procrastination!

This is strange…strangely strange. A moment ago I was power-packed to do this piece of work, and now I can’t figure out why I am not doing it! It happens with a lot of us, procrastinating again and gain, moment after moment, and gradually sinking ourselves into the depths of laziness.

I can tell you with my years of experience in the ‘art’ of procrastination, that I am finding it really hard to write this blog since my ‘active mind’, which is urging me to write this blog, is in constant contention with my ‘lazy mind’, which is repeatedly asking me as to why the hell I am writing this. You see, such is the beauty of procrastination. It might engulf you to the extent that one day you all of a sudden start building on the notion that ‘sab moh-maya hai’, i.e. ‘all work is secondary and fruitless’!

As I am writing this down, I am thinking of what could be the potential reasons for explaining the phenomenon of procrastination, and I can think if this…

  1.  You have a feeling that doing what you feel to will in any way not yield any immediate result. eg., you are thinking about writing down a poem…you have an idea…you know how to begin…but before lifting up the pen, you feel that you aren’t going to become any poet even if you finish writing the poem. You feel that your poem is not going to impact the people around you anyway, that it wont create a difference, and so you give up.
  2. You are not able to think of how your deeds of today will be yielding fruits in the future. In short, you can’t see the big picture. If I am thinking of working-out since tomorrow morning, and I cannot think of how in several months time I will be fit as ever, I won’t begin to work-out! The good future is there, waiting to be unveiled by your simple acts.
  3. My ‘lazy mind’ is winning over my ‘active mind’ and so I can no more think over!!
  4. I give up.

That’s pretty much about it, my philosophy on procrastination. Hoping to hear your views on the same. It kind of gives comfort, you know 😉


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