Cessation – I

Night it was…pitch black everywhere.

He was into it for the last 10 hours. Something was wrong. Something was strange, he thought. The sky was never so green before.

Its had been his most dearly pass time activity, to sit by the seaside, holding a book in hand and admiring the richness of nature. He came routinely to the Bayon Beach to escape from the pedestrian life. Books were his best friends. Through them, he would enter the skin of another person and live a life different from his; a life that doesn’t exist.

But he was perturbed that day, particularly that night. Something was stopping him from returning to home at dusk. The weather was never so unpredictable before. The winds felt like carrying omens. He was not scared but worried. His books had made him stronger. He felt something important would take place; his life would change.

‘Yes honey, I’m fine…it’s just this…..something unusual….yes yes, keep my food. You don’t worry dear. I’ll be back. Love you!’

He hung up the phone. Looking at the sky became his priority that day. It felt like a giant portal was there above, not visible but there, waiting to be opened. This reminded him of one stance from the book he read last week, a sci-fi thriller. He could feel the pages of that book are before him, on the canvas of nature and enacted by the almighty. That night he kept his book aside. The turn of events before his eyes were sufficient to keep him preoccupied.

Then suddenly, it happened. In a flash of seconds, all unraveled. The curtains of mystery fell from the sky, bringing forth the naked truth of this universe.

‘Oh gosshhh! …oh my…..how could it…’

The green of the sky was burnished with bright white, blinding white. He submerged into dizziness. The ambiance was too much for him to cope with. He knew of his closeness to a grim reality standing by his foot. The sands of beach embraced him as he fell. He looked above. Familiarity was gone. The white light started receding. He was just gathering his conscience when in a jiffy his heart broke with terror and he made a harsh cry.

There they were…


…to be continued…

That long wait…


waving from side to side
goes my days and nights…
like the swaying of leaves
like a man grieves…

a pinch of light
to enliven my soul…
the winds of desire
in you I become whole…

the unheard cries
the failing tries…
killing me inside
ohh, come beside…

grab my hand
come to my grave
herein I rest
in wait of you

its you I seek
unearth me from grief…
not much I want
a piece of you
to look into me
& say, ‘I be with you’…..


PS : self-composed

The sons of Shadow


I walk past thee
The sons of Shadow.
Through the misty realms
unto the end of sorrow.

The unguided paths
thou guide me into
through the roads less tread
where victory awaits me.

For valor and honor
none less I want, none more I seek.
Hearken to my spirit
molded by fire, undaunted by death
cast upon thee vengeance
and emerge a free will…


PS : self composed


“With man gone, will there be hope for gorilla?” …asks Ishmael


Ishmael. Started reading it yesterday. 20 pages down the way and I have begun realizing it would be one hell of a journey. An excerpt from the book —

That evening I went for a walk. To walk for the sake of walking is something I seldom do. Inside my apartment I’d felt inexplicably anxious. I needed to talk to someone, to be assured. Or perhaps I needed to confess my sin. I was once again having impure thoughts about saving the world. Or it was neither of these – I was afraid I was dreaming. I sometimes fly in my dreams, and each time I say to myself, “At last – it’s happening in reality and not in a dream!”

Daniel Quinn has indeed written a beautiful and insightful piece of philosophy!

Oye…its Sunda(y)e!


Yess, its sunday again…this one precisely marking the arrival of summers here. A sunday celebrating the colorful soul of the world. A sunday to live. A sunday to be free. A sunday to cherish the gift of life. And most importantly, a sunday to start your dose of icecreams 😀

Have a great day!

Through the Growing Years…

‘Who is she?’

He sees left and right, to that distance his eyes permit. He is searching for something…for someone maybe. I ain’t sure. The distant horizon is hinting at his lofty dreams, or perhaps undermining his caliber to achieve it. I ain’t sure, neither is he. He is yet to know, to discover. His gaze returns at her.

The little girl leans and kisses his mother on the cheek.

‘Thank you mama, its such a lovely doll…’, says the girl. ‘Aye, no way…not as lovely as my dear daughter.’, replies the mother lifting her daughter in  her arms. ‘You cannot imagine, my dear, how special you are to me, and equally special is this day when you came in my life and brought with you a reason for me to live’, the mother starts sobbing and walks away.

He has started to learn. In fact, its only 5 years and 1 minute since he has started his journey of life. He is unable to understand what just happened before him. ‘Who was that lady? Who is this girl? Why they did what they did? Why no one comes to me and does this?’, he might be thinking all this amidst the din of the city sitting near the huge iron gates left open.

‘Usha taai, just see there…that kid’, shouts the incharge pointing at the kid, ‘its so irresponsible on your part to leave a small kid by the roadside. You know the traffic and yet you repeat such silly mistakes. You never know when a mishap can occur.’

Usha taai replies in a timid tone, ‘Pardon, sir. I will see to it that this doesn’t repeat…’ ‘It better not…and see the gates. Left open again. Bring the kid back and shut the gates at once.’, replies the in-charge in stern voice.

Usha taai walks duty-bound, lifts the kid off the ground in her arms and locks down the gates of the orphanage.

Rumours and the Fragility of Society

‘Hey man, did you hear that news about…’

‘This guy was telling me about that guy who…’

‘I don’t know but it seems that…’

Rumour, the meaning of which as per the oxford dictionary is,

Rumour: A currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.

is a word that has, with time, become a part of the vernacular, as much as the rumours itself have become a blot of black on the fabric of society. I feel it would be extremely hard for you to vindicate that you have never ever played a part, knowingly or unknowingly, in spreading rumours. But is it really something to feel guilty of?!

Every week, I come across a number of news that later turn out to be rumours. Its so ubiquitous that we hardly ever feel to take time out and think about what could be the reasons for this pandemic. If you think carefully, rumours can turn out to be true although they generally have negative connotations. My proposition is this,

  • If I play a part in rumour-spreading and the rumour turns out to be true, I would say ‘all’s well that ends well‘.
  • If I play a part in rumour-spreading and the rumour turns out to be false, I would say ‘ah oh…that guy told me wrong‘.

This precisely leads us upon thinking that somewhere, between you receiving information and you passing on the same, you have a role to play. That role is to understand the gravity of that piece of information. As is well substantiated in the bestseller The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, there are certain people who have the power and influence to disseminate a news to such an extent that at one point, there comes, in clear view, a trend.

I feel that the same is true with the spreading of rumours. There are people in everyone’s life to whom one will listen with utmost faith, giving in to any cognitive approach. We don’t realize that mere moments of contemplation, both on the inside and outside, can bring us closer to the reality and strengthen the fabric of society, which otherwise would have become so fragile that it collapses on its own weight.

We as social beings are responsible for and must bear the brunt of anything and everything that happens within the society.

The ‘why’ behind procrastination!

This is strange…strangely strange. A moment ago I was power-packed to do this piece of work, and now I can’t figure out why I am not doing it! It happens with a lot of us, procrastinating again and gain, moment after moment, and gradually sinking ourselves into the depths of laziness.

I can tell you with my years of experience in the ‘art’ of procrastination, that I am finding it really hard to write this blog since my ‘active mind’, which is urging me to write this blog, is in constant contention with my ‘lazy mind’, which is repeatedly asking me as to why the hell I am writing this. You see, such is the beauty of procrastination. It might engulf you to the extent that one day you all of a sudden start building on the notion that ‘sab moh-maya hai’, i.e. ‘all work is secondary and fruitless’!

As I am writing this down, I am thinking of what could be the potential reasons for explaining the phenomenon of procrastination, and I can think if this…

  1.  You have a feeling that doing what you feel to will in any way not yield any immediate result. eg., you are thinking about writing down a poem…you have an idea…you know how to begin…but before lifting up the pen, you feel that you aren’t going to become any poet even if you finish writing the poem. You feel that your poem is not going to impact the people around you anyway, that it wont create a difference, and so you give up.
  2. You are not able to think of how your deeds of today will be yielding fruits in the future. In short, you can’t see the big picture. If I am thinking of working-out since tomorrow morning, and I cannot think of how in several months time I will be fit as ever, I won’t begin to work-out! The good future is there, waiting to be unveiled by your simple acts.
  3. My ‘lazy mind’ is winning over my ‘active mind’ and so I can no more think over!!
  4. I give up.

That’s pretty much about it, my philosophy on procrastination. Hoping to hear your views on the same. It kind of gives comfort, you know 😉