Down a Dreamer’s Lane

come…walk with me
down a dreamer’s lane
up beyond you see
through the eyes of soul
the eyes the world shuns

come…walk with me…

to the treasure lying within
you traveled miles for gold
the elixir of life, waiting
‘come to me…behold’

to the seed you once sowed
good, bad…its you
germinates fruit…you reap
through and through and through

to the distant star that dims
waits for your glory to shine
a speck of thought it needs
your star will be mine

to the drooping flowers you see
the sunset of your life
arrives the crack of dawn
the tree of hope shelters thee

look down, you perish
look beyond, you stand
to pursue a search abandoned
to keep a fire within
the fire that lights a way
the way a dreamer dreams

the dream down a lane

the lane I search thee

come…walk with me…


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