Book Review – ‘The Lowland’ by Jhumpa Lahiri


One among the nominated for the Man Booker Prize 2013, although bearing the brunt of hard luck when it came to winning the prize, yet it portrays beautifully the post-colonial India of the 1960s when the then Calcutta was incinerating in the flames of the Naxalite movement.

The story is of two brothers Subhash and Udayan bound together since childhood by the string of love, but which starts to strain when Udayan, the younger one, jumps into the Naxalite movement and abets fellow naxalites in what turns out to be the destiny-shaper for the two brothers. The elder one, Subhash, goes to US to pursue higher studies, leaving his brother and parents amidst the grim circumstances that spring up in Calcutta. The story is of a woman’s fight with oneself to discover her dreams and her very shades of demeanor that till then remained under the veil of an oblivious existence. The story puts the flow of intense emotions into the veins of the reader.

In a nutshell, its a 4-starrer for me. A lover of English literature should definitely give the novel a place in his book-shelf 🙂


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