The Lone Companion


the two ways,
the two journeys,
imprinting on the thread of time
so delicately, so intricately

one, through the past
through the mire of thoughts
through the future
through the endless apprehensions
through the times I’ve lived
dead in the world through the same times…
other, through the visage
through what is seen
yet what is not
through what is revealed
veiled but remains
the inner chaos pacified
all but a vain…

through the thick, thin through I’ve emerged
into a field, extends beyond my cognition
the frontiers I know not
the seeable I see not
the murky my conscience
the fathomable I reach not
only you I see, see me in you
my lonesome companion
transcending the cognitive
entering the physical
to the world you carry
my only harbinger
lest I be dead
in me you live
I live in you

my only hope…be with me
my precious tears…I…

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