Book Review – ‘An Uncertain Glory’ by Amartya Sen & Jean Dreze

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A keen and comprehensive study of the current economic and social status of India, Nobel laureate Mr. Amartya Sen along with renowned economist Mr. Jean Dreze have illustrated with such finesse the canvas of Indian development.

‘India has been climbing up the ladder of per capita income while slipping down the slope of social indicators.’

Comparing India with two of the most human deprived regions i.e., South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, India doesn’t stand at a much farther position on several social indicators. In fact, based on gross national income per capita , India is just above 15 most poorest countries outside sub-Saharan Africa. India needs to go a long way down the road of development.

‘Corruption has become such an endemic feature of the Indian administration and commercial life that in some parts of the country nothing moves in the intended direction unless the palm of the deliverer is greased.’

The big setback to the growth of Indian societies is the widespread disparities feasting on the ignorance of people. Caste, religion, language, etc., which were to keep us united, are now used as weapon by the malefactors of the society to play their cards and turn the fortunes of us. Another deficiency in the Indian working systems is the absence of accountability. It is when our representatives in the democracy as well as the incumbents at levels of decentralization aren’t answerable to us or to the apex institutions of governance that the roots of corruption start spreading. By the time we gain senses, the tree of corruption has taken a grotesque shape and we can do nothing but savor its fruits where we needed to condemn it at a primal stage.

All in all, the book puts the very facets of Indian governance and societies to the scrutiny of the citizens and this makes it a 5-starrer for me. Every person who wants to get acquainted with the same should grab a copy and savor the journey down the 287 pages of realization. 🙂


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